Thimble Cages: What Are They?


What is a thimble cage?  A thimble cage is a small enclosure, usually made of silver, used to hold a thimble. It is meant to help you keep track of your thimble and give you easy access to your thimble whenever you need it.  A Brief History of a Thimble and Thimble Cage Thimbles have probably been around as long as sewing has, but their existence was first recorded in the 10th century.

12 May 2020

Purchasing New Calligraphy Pens


Being able to transform letters into small pieces of art can be a simple and effective way to spruce up your written correspondence. Learning the art of calligraphy allows you to generate whimsical and elegant lettering that can be used to address wedding invitations, holiday cards, and even heartfelt notes to a loved one. Having access to the right kind of pens is critical when it comes to the quality of your calligraphy.

6 September 2017

A Silver Coin Perfect For A History Buff


If you're a coin collector, and you are also a history buff, then there are many great coins to enjoy. These coins can help make history come to life. They were part of the stories you read about in books and watch in documentaries. The coins passed hands during some of the most historic times in the countries history. While you could say that any old coin would fit that description, the Morgan Silver dollar is a bit more unique.

18 May 2017

5 Creative Ideas For Organizing Your Child's Stuffed Animal Menagerie


Stuffed toys are a fun and comforting part of childhood. If your child has a growing collection, you'll want to think of a creative yet practical way to organize and display them. Before your child's stuffed animals take over the entire bedroom, keep them neatly accessible and aesthetically pleasing by considering the following ideas: 1. Rock-a-Bye Teddy and Friends in a Cradle Do you have a cradle or bassinet from your child's infancy kept in storage?

18 August 2016

How To Make A Hanging Jewelry Holder With A Wooden Silverware Tray


If you are looking for a fun, easy, and affordable project to make with wooden silverware trays, you may want to consider making hanging jewelry holders. These holders not only serve the function of keeping your jewelry organized, but they are also nice pieces of art to display on the walls of your home. The best part is that these are easy to make and require very few supplies. Here are the steps you will need to complete to make a hanging jewelry holder with a wooden silverware tray.

8 June 2016